In larger commercial buildings in Raleigh, the cost of electricity can add up quickly. For business owners who are trying to lower their electricity usage, it is hard to know what is using the most energy.Business Electrician

As a commercial electrician in Raleigh, AGK Electric helps Raleigh business owners make these decisions on a regular basis. Also, we help our business clients make the decision on what policies need to be put in place to make it a safer work environment and alleviate usage.

4 items commonly found in offices that use the most electricity are:

  1. Space Heaters: So many employees bring space heaters from home. Then, put them under their desk to keep their feet and legs warm. But this uses almost twice the energy than any other high usage items on the list. Also, they can easily start fires.
  2. Lighting: With the wonderful in lighting fixture available in the office, it leaves employees needing more. Thus, many employees have an additional light on their desk. This can lead to a large amount of electricity usage, especially in companies with more than 10 employees.
  3. Refrigeration: Many companies have a refrigerator in the break room, but many employees will bring smaller, mini-fridges for different areas farther from the break room. This can be a very costly electrical decision.
  4. Computers and Equipment: Surprisingly, this is only 8% of electrical usage on average in a company compared to other sources which can be as high as 25% of usage. Computers are necessary for any business and thus, not much can be done except for choosing more energy efficient models.

If you are worried about any of these items in your office, we want to help your team. We would love to come out, review your commercial electrical system, and make recommendations on how to lower usage and make it safer. Our team can even help you on developing policies for employees to help lower energy use. If this sounds like just what you need, give us a call to at 919-740-5432.