Now that North Carolina has entered into phase 2 of the reopening plan, AGK Electric wants to assure homeowners that we are following safety precautions. We are continuing our diligence with safety precautions especially since our services require us to enter residential and commercial properties. We ensure that we have the protective equipment that we need to keep ourselves and property owners safe.

Our electrical professionals are following safety precautions by:

  • Wearing face masks: By using a face mask that covers the nose and mouth, the ability to spread particles is diminished. This helps to keep particles from traveling when talking with homeowners and business owners. Face masks are required of all electrical professionals.
  • Wearing gloves & hand washing: Our electrical professionals will use gloves when inside a property. They will dispose of gloves and put on new ones every time they enter and exit a property. Our professionals also know to practice constant hand washing to further diminish the spread of particles.
  • Keeping a safe distance: When conferring with homeowners and commercial property owners, our professionals will maintain their social distance. The transference of particles is limited when socially distancing ourselves from one another. Also, we can follow the owner’s preferences to speak outdoors about electrical issues.
  • Regular temperature checks: Our employees check their temperature throughout the day to make sure that they can provide electrical services safely. By making sure that we are healthy, homeowners and business owners can be assured that we are being as safe as possible.

By following safety precautions, AGK Electric keeps its employees safe while also keeping the people we encounter safe as well. We provide an essential business to keep residential and commercial properties electrical working properly. Contact us today to address electrical problems in your home or business.