Advantages of LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the most recent and innovative in the lighting industry business. These lights are energy efficient and they greatly reduce the cost of electricity and overall energy use. Currently, LEDs are used for a wide range of applications [...]

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What Appliances Use The Most Electricity

Did you know that residential energy consumption is the 3rd largest energy use in the U.S?  This is because we have so many different appliances in a home. Have you ever wondered which ones use the most electricity? Let’s take [...]

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What Size Generator You Need for Your Home

Are you looking to get a generator for your home? First, you need to figure out what size generator best fits your needs. Also, to ensure you have the right size generator to run the desired appliances. Let's run through [...]

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What Causes Electrical Fires?

Based on U.S Statistics, around 51,000 fires a year are started from electrical fires. Most fires start because of a lack of knowledge knowing what triggers fires and prevention techniques. Let’s talk about causes of electrical fires and ways to [...]

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How to Save on Energy Cost

Based on current economic trends, there is going to be another energy price-spike. Therefore, in order to keep power cost low you need to find ways to conserve energy in your Raleigh home and keep energy usage at a minimum.   [...]

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