Did you know that residential energy consumption is the 3rd largest energy use in the U.S?  This is because we have so many different appliances in a home. Have you ever wondered which ones use the most electricity? Let’s take a look!


Top 3 Appliances that Use the Most Electricity in Your Home:

  • Cooling and Heating: Depending on where you live you are constantly heating or cooling down your house. Heating the house consumes more energy than cooling down the house. This is because cooling a home involves moving the excess heat out so that it’s cooler inside, but heating requires heat energy to warm the air.

  • Washer and Dryer: These appliances are frequently getting used and require a lot of energy. A dryer consumes more energy than a washing machine surprisingly. On average, a dryer needs 3000 watts per hour, and sometimes drying cycles exceed an hour. However, a washing cycle is usually 30 minutes and requires 500 watts per hour, which is way less than a dryer. 

  • Lighting: Think about your home, you have lights installed in about every single room. That is why lights are a big part of energy use in your homes. A lot of people have switched to LED lights because they are more energy efficient. 

A lot of people are wondering, how can they save on energy costs? There are many ways to save, but one of the fastest and easiest is upgrading lighting systems to energy-efficient systems. Additionally, if reducing usage makes sense, that is a great way to save on costs. Check out more of our blogs here: https://www.agkelectric.com/blog/