While it is easy to think that all electricians are the same, and what one does another can easily do, that is not entirely the case. Every electrician is going to be different and specialize in different things, but when it comes to residential and commercial electricians this is, even more, the can and the differences are so much larger. At AGK Electric we want people to be as informed as possible when it comes to dealing with electricians.

The differences between residential and commercial electricians are:

  •  Work environments: A residential and a commercial electrician are going to be working in very different environments. A residential electrician will be in homes and apartments while commercial electricians are working in office buildings and stores. Due to the varying locations, residential electricians will have to work around the hours of a family while commercial electricians will have to work around business hours.
  • Education: After graduating high school or obtaining their GED an aspiring electrician will complete their apprenticeships in order to become an electrician. The type of apprenticeship that they take will be different based on whether they want to be residential or commercial. The job tasks are different so the training involved will be varied as well.
  • Job responsibilities: While on the job these different electricians will be working on very different tasks. For example, the policies and regulations that they have to adhere to for electrical reasons will be different based on a residential environment than in a corporate one. The voltage of these will also be very different as well as the wiring systems.

While it is easy to assume that one electrician can do any type of electrical work, that is not the case. Each field is unique and there are specialized electricians at AGK to help with any of your needs.