Based on U.S Statistics, around 51,000 fires a year are started from electrical fires. Most fires start because of a lack of knowledge knowing what triggers fires and prevention techniques. Let’s talk about causes of electrical fires and ways to prevent them.


3 Common Causes For Electrical Fires:


  1. Old Appliances:

It is important to have updated appliances because old appliances may not be up to the standard with wattage, quality, or safety regulations. Also, because they are older their cords are frayed and exposed which can trigger fires. It’s best to update your appliances to decrease the risk of starting a fire and ensure your safety.


  1. Overuse of Extension Cords:

This is a common mistake when you plug a lot of appliances or electronics into one extension cord. An extension cord or power strip can only withstand a certain amount of capacity. Therefore, depending on what you’re plugging in it could be using more or less of the capacity it can withstand. If you plug too many appliances into the cord and it exceeds the energy capacity it can withhold this can trigger a fire. Make sure you aren’t plugging too many big appliances into one cord.


  1. Old Wiring:

If your home is old and dated and you haven’t updated the electrical system, you should reconsider. Your breaker system may not have the capacity to handle common appliances we use today because they consume more energy than they did in the past. If you are using updated appliances, you could overload your circuit which can trigger a fire. Also, old wiring can be frayed and exposed which is an extremely high risk for a fire.


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