Are you looking to get a generator for your home? First, you need to figure out what size generator best fits your needs. Also, to ensure you have the right size generator to run the desired appliances. Let’s run through a checklist of what you need to do to figure out the correct size for your home.


3 Things to Do to Figure Out What Size Generator You Need:


  • Choose Appliances: In order to figure out what size you need, you need to figure out what appliances/devices you want to run. During an emergency power outage, list all the appliances you need to run; for example, your AC, refrigerator, and lighting.


  • Use Calculator: After you have created a list then you need to add up the number of watts each  appliance requires. You can usually find this information online for each appliance. Also, you can utilize a Power Supply Calculator, you can find one here.


  • Choose a Generator: After, you have calculated the wattage required you can select a  generator that fits your wattage requirement. One tip is to pick a generator slightly bigger than your needs so it’s not running at a full load. Also, it will reduce the noise it makes if it has more wattages available than used. 

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