Calling an electrician can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially when signs of a problem have already begun. Many Raleigh homeowners want to know what to expect before they call us.  

Our team at AGK Electric approaches each Raleigh home differently, but there are a few things we always begin with.  

3 things this Cary electrician is looking for when reviewing problems in a home are:  

  1. Double Tapped Circuit Breakers: Many problems come from having two wires in one circuit breaker. This can lead to overloading the circuit and a variety of problems that could present in the home.  
  1. Light Bulb Fire Hazards: Many homeowners don’t know that leaving light bulbs exposed is a fire hazard. When reviewing an electrical system in a home, we always point out potential fire hazards and this is one of the most common ones we see.  
  1. Outdoor Issues: Many homes do not have the correct covers over their outdoor outlets which can lead to weather and moisture related issues.  
  1. Extension Cords: When a home doesn’t have enough outlets or outlets in the right places, many homeowners will use extension cords or power stringers in order to fix the problem. This can overload an electrical system and it is much easier to update the outlets.  

There are a variety of more things that we work with our homeowners to address within their homes. If you want a review of your home in order to see if you need to make some updates, contact us now.