The decision has been made. Boxes are being packed. Desks and laptops are being moved. No longer is the team being cramped. Its official, the business has a new office.

Leasers have a lot to consider when it comes to a new office, but one of the most important considerations is how to make the business run in this space.  From power to internet to equipment there is a lot to set up.

3 important consideration about electrical systems when moving a business to a new office are:

  • Power. Consider the number of computers, monitors, printers, and general equipment that you are bringing. It is typical to use more power strips in office spaces, but ensure that you have enough outlets. Try not to exceed 80 percent of the rated capacity of the power strips or surge protectors.
  • Connection Options. It’s hard to be productive when the internet isn’t able to keep up with employees. Hardwired Ethernet is the most dependable and fastest connection. Although Wi-Fi is still a great and widely used option, Ethernet options are great, especially for TV presentation options.
  • Infrastructure. Speaking of TV presentations, how does the infrastructure fit your needs? If a room needs to be set up to add visual presentation, it may be best to consult a professional. Also, pay attention to tangled cables or wires as they can become hazardous.

At AGK Electric we understand the accomplishment that is moving into a new office. We just are here to ensure that every business can make the most out of your space, and make the most of it safely. Whether your business needs new office setup or troubleshooting, contact our team of trusted experts to optimize your space.