Common Causes of House Fires

Not to brag, but we think electricians are very skilled, smart people. Even so, sometimes you’ll meet an electrician who isn’t up to the task at hand. These electricians tend to make the same type of mistakes, which makes them easy to catch if one knows what to look for.

Here are four of the most common mistakes electricians make:

  1. Not fully quoting a job: Sometimes in their quest to lock down clients, some electricians will throw out a simplistic quote without fully assessing the situation. They assume every home is similar and has the same needs and don’t take the time to really check things out. This ends up with the added cost to clients or cost-saving shortcuts.
  2. Cutting wires too short: It might be to keep things tidy, or it might be a cost-saving measure, but we sometimes see electricians cutting wires a little shorter than they intended making wire connections more challenging.
  3. Using the wrong wire colors: There’s a standard for electrical wire colors for a reason, but mixing wires tend to be a common mistake among electricians who aren’t as thorough as they need to be.
  4. Loose outlets: Outlets are one of the last things to do when wiring a home, and sometimes electricians just want to be done. This means that some outlets might be loose or recessed.

Electrical mistakes are no joke to our team at AGK Electric. We take our jobs seriously and know that any carelessness on our part could lead to bad issues for our clients, and that’s simply not our style. If you think an electrician has made some mistakes in the home’s electrical system, we’re happy to check it out and make any repairs needed. Contact us for an evaluation of your Cary-area home.