Small business offices in Raleigh are often built many years ago when electrical codes were different. Due to this fact, it can lead to too few electrical outlets and systems that aren’t ready to endure the demands of today’s businesses.Accident in the Workplace

As the owner of AGK Electric, our team works with Raleigh businesses on a regular basis with making the most of their electrical system. When we do so, we look at a few key items every time we come into a new business.

4 areas of a Raleigh office that we look for to most advantageously utilize an electrical system are:

  1. Overloading: The first and most pivotal thing we consider as business electricians are what can the system manage. If it only has enough power for a server and three computers and the company has two servers and five computers, we need an upgrade.
  2. Age: The age of the building tells a commercial electrician a lot about the electrical system. We understand codes and the timeframes of certain codes. This means will we know the safety and usability of the electrical system.
  3. Spacing: Next, we consider where the outlets are placed. Another important item we consider is the number of outlets. If the electrical system can handle more outlets, we would definitely add that.
  4. Problems: If we have considered all of the above items, before we are done reviewing the electrical system, we consider any problems. If the system seems like it is ok but there are still breaks happening, this is an indicator for our electricians. Some of these problems include flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, and outlets not working.

Choosing a small business office and moving the business can be so exciting! But, it is important to make sure the space is set up for your business. To have one of our commercial electricians come to review your office space, contact us now!