When electrical services are needed in the Triangle, business owners often have many questions about the differences among our electrical team. The AGK electric team in Cary provides multiple services including residential, commercial, and industrial, and sometimes the distinctions may be unclear for those who aren’t practicing electricians.Industrial Electrician

The main differences between our commercial and industrial electric teams so Triangle business owners know which services they need are:

  • Commercial: Electricians focusing on commercial work typically have more generalized tasks and work in commercial environments. These can be small businesses, restaurants, office buildings, and other environments that are open to the public. They perform tasks such as new office setup, troubleshooting power outages, and may sometimes work on high voltage systems related to heating and air conditioning. These electricians’ skill sets are not usually highly specialized. So, they are equipped to handle any issue that a commercial environment would experience.
  • Industrial: These environments require a more specialized scope of knowledge and great attention to safety. These environments include power plants, factories, manufacturing sites, construction sites, etc. Industrial electricians may work with high voltage equipment like power transmission systems, and may be required to troubleshoot various subsystems. Specialization is paramount for industrial electricians since their tasks usually require knowledge beyond the basics of foundational electrical skills. There are companies that will encourage a multi-year apprentice program. This allows electricians to be trained and receive hands-on experience in the various specialties in the field.

Our electrical team in Cary is equipped to handle any issue that should arise in commercial and industrial environments. We also provide residential services so homeowners can rest assured their electrical needs are covered. No matter what kind of services you need, our team at AGK Electric in Cary is ready to come by for scheduled appointments or emergency services. Contact us today to learn more about what we do!