It’s typical to have a home inspected before selling so that sellers and buyers are well aware of any needed repairs or other issues. Home inspectors will carefully find any safety issues and provide recommendations on how to best solve them.Cary Electrician

It is important to ensure the home’s electrical system is thoroughly inspected as it’s likely the most complicated system in the home and can cause safety risks. Our electricians at AGK Electric in Cary have come across a few common electrical issues in homes that will require attention before closing on a sale.

4 common electrical problems found by home inspectors before a sale are:

  • Exposed or damaged wires. Exposed wires that are not protected pose a high-risk of electric shock or a house fire. This can be a common issue in homes undergoing renovation, with unprotected or damaged wires going unsecured in unfinished rooms.
  • Missing covers. All light switches, wall outlets, receptacles, and junction boxes need proper covering that is also undamaged. Also common during or after renovations, this is a relatively easy problem to fix.
  • Service panel issues. Most of the electrical issues found in home inspections are related to the service panels. Inspectors will ensure wire sizes are correct relative to the breakers they’re connected to, as well as the arrangement of them in general and any evidence of burned or otherwise damaged wires.
  • Faulty GFCI outlets. These are safety outlets that work to prevent an electrical shock by tripping the breaker. They’re easy to recognize by their standard “test” and “reset” buttons, and are usually necessary near water sources such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors. An inspector will check to see that they’re installed and working properly.

When it’s time to sell your home, be sure to have a professional home inspector. This inspector should come to evaluate the property and alert you of issues that need attention. For any problems related to the electrical system, contact us at AGK Electric for a consultation!