As temperatures continue to stay in the cold crisp 30s-40s, there are some tips regarding electrical safety that need to be kept in mind. The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than one-third of fires in the winter season are caused by candles, and electrical fires are the leading cause of fires in the US.

At AGK Electric, we always suggest starting by always following the rules and regulations set by manufacturers, then check out these tips that will help you stay safe during the season.

3 key tips for homeowners who are looking to keep their home’s electric system safe are:

  1. Do Not Overload Power Strips: Just because there are eight spaces to plug things in, doesn’t mean you have to use them all. A good rule of thumb is to only plug one high wattage item into a power strip. Surge protectors can help prevent burnouts and voltage spikes.
  2. Plugging Space Heaters into Extension Cords and Power Strips Is A No Go: Space heaters should never be plugged into a power strip because the power strip is not designed to handle the high current that space heaters require. High voltage items can cause these extensions to burn, melt, or even catch fire. Always plug space heaters into the wall. Avoid plugging other devices and electronics into the same outlet where your space heater is plugged into.
  3. Protect Your Electrical Cords: Placing cords and extensions behind furniture and under rugs might keep them out of reach from children and pets but this could potentially spark a fire. Use plastic covers and electronic hiding boxes to ensure safety of your cords and the ones you love in your home safe.

AKG Electric wants to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. We offer residential and commercial electrical services.

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