Small businesses need to be very careful with how they manage their costs. One way to do this is to be smart about utilities and electric usage. As residential and commercial electricians in Raleigh, NC, we work with small businesses every day to help them better manage their electrical systems.

Here are four ways that small businesses can more effectively manage their energy usage:

  1. Automate what you can: Setting timers for air conditioning, lights, displays, and anything else will help manage the energy used much better. The best part is that automation is one less thing business owners need to worry about on a daily basis.
  2. Identify the energy hogs: Even with automation, some pieces of equipment can still be energy hogs. Identify what those are and see if you can do without them. Think about all those devices plugged in that don’t get used or noticed, like the ancient mini-fridge in the corner.
  3. Upgrade to energy-efficient devices: When you must-have equipment, try to upgrade to more energy-efficient ones. It may seem counterintuitive to replace a machine that’s working just fine, but chances are that there’s something on the market that’s better and will also help manage energy usage. Think big and small. Refrigerators in the break room, light bulbs, copiers, cash registers, and more. A simple change like switching to energy-efficient bulbs can make a big difference.
  4. Look at the building: See what type of electrical system is being used in the building, and see what can be upgraded. Sometimes a little bit of weather stripping, or adding more effective lighting solutions can make a huge difference in a business’s energy management.

The efficient management of electrical systems is good for the company and good for the environment. Even better, it’s not that difficult to start managing a business’s energy more efficiently. Contact AGK Electric to get started on a more effective energy system for your business.