Tricky is one way to describe figuring out when to throw out chargers. How does one rule out the unclear signs from the obvious signs? Is it the battery or the charger? Should I throw out the charger and buy a new one? All are prevalent questions; AGK Electric offers the following suggestions to figuring out this problem.

How to figure out when to throw out chargers:

  • Fraying: When a charger cord has frayed, exposing the metal wires, it is time to throw out the charger. The fraying can occur near the device or near the plug. Do NOT plug in frayed chargers.
  • Sparking: One spark is normal and could be the release of static charge. Multiple sparks is a cause for concern. Sparking chargers are a fire hazard and belong in the trash (after cooling off).
  • Compare with a similar device: Chances are someone else has a similar device to troubleshoot the charger. If the charger does not work for another person’s phone/tablet as well, more than likely the charger is to blame.
  • Old & daily usage: Chargers that function, but cannot get a battery to full charge may be old or overused. It is time to replace them due to their inability to complete a charge.
  • Laptops: The most tricky problem of them all. Easy to solve when similar devices use the same charger in the home to compare. Difficult to solve when there is a lack of comparison. It all boils down to budget and time. If one has money to buy a new battery for the laptop, try that out first. When the charger light is not on, buy a new charger and throw the old one.

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