Accident in the Workplace

Uh oh! The power is not working in a room. Many homeowners have had this happen, but first-time homeowners may want to follow the advice of AGK Electric. Figuring out how to reset an electrical breaker is one of the many things a homeowner learns when taking care of their home.

What to do after blowing an electrical breaker:

  1. Don’t fret: There is no need to be scared when a breaker is tripped. Keep a level head and carefully make your way to the breaker box. The breaker box is usually found in a garage, supply closet, or basement.
  2. Find the tripped breaker: Look through the breakers and see which breaker is flipped in a different direction than the other breakers. If the breaker box is labeled well and one knows the specific room, finding the breaker is made easy by the guide written on the door of the breaker box.
  3. Turn “tripped” breaker completely off: Some breakers can half trip and are not in the reset position. Put the breaker in the reset position aka off. Count 10 seconds.
  4. Move the breaker to the on position: After counting, move the breaker to the on position so that it matches the direction of all the other breakers in the breaker box.
  5. Go to the room that tripped the breaker: Try turning on the lights. If the lights do not turn on, there may be a different issue at hand that requires a professional. Go back to the breaker box to turn that specific breaker off until an electric company can come in to inspect the problem.

If a homeowner makes it through all of the steps and the electricity is still not functioning properly, it is time to call in a professional electric company. At AGK Electric, we serve residential and commercial properties in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Contact us today.