It has been how many weeks of working from home? Wow! As many of our customers have switched to working from home, AGK Electric wants to spread awareness of the electrical impact of being at home (all the time). Also, we want to provide some ways to decrease those energy bills.

3 impacts of working from home on electrical systems:

  1. Plugged in: People have had to invest in at-home computer monitors, extra computers, tablets, etc. All of these devices require electricity. By paying attention to when a device’s battery is charged and promptly unplugging it, homeowners can save some money. Unplugging unused devices also decreases the “phantom” energy consumption. We all have devices that need to stay plugged in throughout the workday, but those with charged up batteries do not need to stay at 100% constantly.
  2. AC & fans: When away at work, many homeowners bump up the AC temperature to save some money. Now that one is home all of the time, this saved cash is not happening. Make a conscious effort to keep the AC at a more energy-efficient temperature. If family members are constantly changing the temperature, consider installing a smart thermostat to keep an eye on it from a phone or tablet. Installing ceiling fans in rooms can also cool off areas of the house. AGK Electric can make rooms have a fan capability by wiring a switch.
  3. Lights: Many homeowners can make the change to more energy-efficient bulbs. They even come in a variety of light types to be easier on the eyes at night. Light bulbs that last for years instead of months can also decrease a home’s waste.

When making these changes, homeowners can be more aware of their energy consumption. AGK Electric can help North Carolina homeowners with their electrical needs. Contact us today.