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Many homeowners make the mistake of not preparing properly for their home improvement projects. There are steps that need to be taken for safety precautions for the homeowner and their family. When the precautions involve electricity, those usually include whether the electricity needs to be turned off or kept on. When in doubt, schedule an electrician visit. AGK Electric discusses what preparations should be made by homeowners before starting home improvement projects.

Preparations before home improvement projects include:

  • Call 811: It is super important to call 811 before digging. Homeowners can make a simple project turn into a budget breaker. Have the 811-team come beforehand to make sure that underground power lines, cables, and neighbor lines are not accidentally taken out of service.
  • Circuit breaker box: Know where and when to locate the breaker box. For projects that require the turning off of electricity, locate the breaker box and make sure to turn off the electricity for that room before beginning the project.
  • Extension cords: Using an extension cord into an outlet that can handle it is usually detailed by the number of prongs of the plug. If plugging extension cords together, first tie them together to prevent them from coming undone when in use.
  • Tape light switches: If the breaker is turned off, a good reminder is to put painter’s tape on the switch to remind the homeowner or contractor. This prevents accidental turning on/off of the switch.
  • Removing light switches: If painting a wall or installing something to the wall, turn off the circuit breaker then remove light switch plates and plug plates. This prevents the paint from dripping on to them.

There are many preparations that may need to be done that vary by project. For all electrical inquiries ask AGK Electric’s team of electricians. We can find solutions to a home’s electrical problems and can figure out how to help with home improvement projects.