Over the years, residents of North Carolina have experienced summertime thunderstorms, flooding, tornados, and hurricane warnings. We all have a story to tell from when named storms have come through the area. In order to prepare for severe weather, AGK Electric has compiled various preparations and responses to electrical outages to help residential and commercial property owners.

5 ways to prepare for severe weather and electrical outages:

  1. Other light sources: If a weather app or news station sends out a weather warning, be able to locate flashlights quickly. Keep batteries where the flashlights are located for convenience purposes. Most cellphones have a flashlight, but it could drain a phone’s battery and should be conserved for emergency calls.
  2. Generators: Some homeowners and business owners have bought generators to keep a dwelling or building functioning. AGK Electric can help homeowners ground the generator away from the dwelling and also keep it outdoors. Depending on the generator type, the usage hours vary.
  3. Fire & carbon monoxide alarms: Make sure that there are plenty of fire and carbon monoxide alarms installed around the house. Also, if it is a plugged-in carbon monoxide alarm, check to see if it has a battery backup.
  4. Emergency plans: Talk as a family about emergency plans that are in place in case of fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. By practicing and having the knowledge of the plan, kids, teens, and adults will remember and know what to do in case of emergency.
  5. Report outages & down power lines: If the home has a landline or if a cell phone has service, report electrical outages to the power company. Do not go near down power lines.

By preparing ahead of time, homeowners, renters, and business owners can purchase what they need to have in case of an electrical outage. For all electrical needs, contact AGK Electric.