It’s safe to say that the world has changed a lot since electricity became common in homes. Not only has the amount of devices and appliances changed but how we connect has changed as well. We’re seeing more USB outlets being installed in homes through the Cary, NC area and we’re really happy about that.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend installing USB outlets:

  1. Streamline electrical process: Typically, people use a traditional plug and connect a USB cord to it, which then connects to the device. The more connections there are, the more risk there is on electrical systems and the devices plugged into them. With an outlet that has USB ports in them, there are fewer connections to worry about.
  2. Maximize electrical outlets: Many times, USB outlets will still have two traditional outlets. This only adds to the versatility of a home. Owners can plug-in lamps and other appliances while still being able to charge all the electronic devices we have.
  3. Centralize home devices: By adding USB outlets in one or two designated areas of a home, you can create a charging area and keep track of all devices. Parents may find this especially helpful in managing screen time for kids by designating zones for devices to be used or stored.
  4. Boost property value: Keeping up with technology needs and upgrading homes is important in maintaining the highest property value. Electrical upgrades are one of those things that can be done to keep up a home’s value, and installing USB outlets is a quick, visible, and desirable way to do so.

At AGK Electric, we help homeowners maintain and enhance the electrical systems in their homes. These upgrades are not only great for homes, but they’re truly useful for our lives. Contact us today!