Some households may be wrapping up homeschooling and others may be starting homeschooling as early as July. Most homeowners have realized how their electrical bill has increased since sheltering has been in place. Parents are working from home and kids are learning from home. The result is increased energy consumption at all times of the day. AGK Electric wants homeowners to be informed and aware of their energy consumption. We offer a variety of electric services for homeowners to keep their homes functioning properly.

How homeschooling requires electricity:

  • Added devices: Many families had to buy extra devices for their children’s homeschooling. Some school districts have even provided these devices and their chargers for household use. With this extra technology and more outlets being used in the home, a household’s energy consumption dramatically increases. This, in turn, results in much higher electric bills.
  • Extended usage times: If households have not added devices, then they have to stagger usage of the technology available for their child’s schooling. By creating staggered usage times, technology is utilized and may be charging around the clock. Keep an eye on the charge level to not overheat a device’s battery. Teach children the proper way to charge their devices.
  • Utilization of kitchen appliances: Since most children are now eating at home for lunch and dinner, the stove, microwave, and dishwasher are consuming more electricity. This is simply due to the higher demand of these devices within the household. Families may not cook every lunchtime, but the dishes used for lunchtime are constantly feeding the dishwasher. Parents have always had to take on different roles and may feel the added stress of making more home-cooked meals.

Homeschooling, working from home and cooking at home all result in higher energy usage. By being aware of the extra usage of appliances and devices, homeowners can begin a budget for when the electric bill arrives. For energy saving tips and electric repairs, contact AGK Electric.