Making a home smarter can have long term savings as well as ease of use for homeowners. Also, many smart home devices require Wi-Fi use and connection to an app on a phone or other devices which helps accessibility. AGK Electric can help with the wiring connections to these appliances and electronics in order to help a home run smoothly.

Here are some of the best smart home devices trending in 2020:

  • Smart thermostat: With connections via an app, one can adjust the thermostat from a phone. Schedule temperature ahead to keep the home comfortable. Also, these thermostats can keep one aware of energy consumption and adjust the HVAC system accordingly.
  • Smart refrigerators:  One can make a list of what’s needed directly on the refrigerator’s touch screen. Also, one can look inside the refrigerator to see if anything has been forgotten that might be needed for a recipe. Let the family know what is for dinner with the notes feature.
  • Video surveillance systems: Many homeowners are installing their own video surveillance systems through doorbells as well as putting in Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras. Make sure the package stays on the porch. See what is eating the plants in the backyard. Talk to a neighbor from inside the home. Check on pets while away and maybe even give them a treat or two. The opportunities are endless.
  • Voice assistants: There are many products on the market that take your voice and create a digital action whether it is turning on the tv, finding that favorite show, or making a digital reminder. Many are using voice assistive devices to make their lives easier.

Make sure that your electricity is up to the challenge of keeping appliances, devices, and other technology running. Contact AGK Electric for all your wiring needs. Let us help to make your home smarter.