We get asked a lot about electrical inspections. Many people want to know if it’s really necessary to spend the extra money. Our answer: yes. Electrical systems can go bad quickly and can be a major safety issue. We’re always going to be steadfast proponents on anything that keeps people safe.

Here are some of the times when we suggest having an electrical inspection done on a home:

  1. When buying a new home: Building a home is exciting, but often, especially in big neighborhoods, the installation isn’t the best. We suggest an independent electrical inspection before drywall goes up to make sure everything is up to code and done correctly. A pre-drywall inspection gives a chance to document where all the cables are running. It will come in very handy down the line when making home improvements.
  2. When buying a new-to-you home: It’s also a good idea to have the electrical system of a home inspected when buying an already-built home. Whether it’s older or a more recent build, electrical components can wear out, or better code may be available.
  3. When selling a home: It’s good to make sure a home is in the best condition possible when it’s about to be listed so it can get the highest selling price possible. Raleigh area home buyers are smart buyers who will notice shoddy or outdated electrical systems.
  4. When you’ve been in a home for a while: Inspections aren’t just for home sales. It’s a good idea to get a home electrical inspection when homeowners have been in the home for a long time, just to make sure there are no hazards.

In other words, it’s always a good time to have an inspection on a home’s electrical system. Your family’s safety could depend on it. To schedule an electrical inspection in Cary, NC and surrounding areas, contact AGK Electric.