Accidents happen and unfortunately, sometimes that leads to house fires. But, many of the accidents that lead to house fires are preventable.Common Causes of House Fires

As the owners of AGK Electric, there are a few easy ways we suggest our clients maintain their homes in order to prevent house fires.

3 key ways to prevent house fires are:

  1. Review Electrical Equipment: Many times, reviewing the electrical system on an annual basis can prevent issues from arising quickly. There are many problems that start small and grow quickly and quietly over time. Hiring a licensed Cary electrician is the best way to prevent a house fire starting in the electrical system.
  2. Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring can appear in large and small appliances. It is important to make sure large appliances are installed correctly and there are no damages to the cords. For small appliances, make sure to read all of the instructions before using the appliance.
  3. Overheated Lighting: Certain lighting fixtures can overheat and spark; therefore, if a new lighting system in installing, having an electrician review it. But, tabletop lighting systems placed too close to books or other paper items could start a fire too.
  4. Portable Heaters: Portable heaters are used regularly in homes and offices. However, they are dangerous. They are one of the largest uses of electricity and thus, a large cause of house fires. In most situations, it is safer to turn the heat up in the home more instead of using a portable heater.

If there are any concerns about the electrical system or wiring in your home, it is time to have an electrician review it. Our team at AGK Electric would be more than happy to come out to your Cary home, review your issues, and make a suggestion for improvements. Contact us to set up a time today!