Accidents in the workplace are on the rise. As industrial electricians, we are especially prone to dangerous work conditions routinely. Those conditions can easily deteriorate and turn in to accidents that cause injury or property loss.Accident in the Workplace

The best way to deal with such accidents that industrial electricians might encounter is to do some preventative maintenance and work with employees on the front end about how to spot problems and report them before they turn to dangerous and or deadly accidents. At AGK Electric we strive for the highest level of employee safety and productivity

3 ways to train employees to spot problems before an accident occurs are:

  1. Create Procedures for Reporting: As industrial electricians, we are extremely familiar with checklists and procedures. First, connect this wire, then that wire, then that one and so on and so forth. So why not adopt this tactic for reporting problems. Create a system and an environment where the employees have a way to notify a supervisor of a dangerous condition in a manner that it won’t get brushed under the rug and won’t be forgotten about.
  2. Hold Regular Training: If there is one thing that helps prevent accidents in the workplace most, it is holding regular training. Think about this, it takes hundreds and thousands of hours to train to become a pilot and think about how few incidents involving planes we hear about. If it works for pilots, then it will work for other jobs too. Hold regular training so that the employees know what they are looking for to prevent accidents.
  3. Bring in the Experts: Bring in the experts to training. OSHA representatives, electricians, training companies, local emergency responders; these are all great resources to bring in to the workplace to help train employees on what to look for to prevent accidents.

At AGK Electric we strive to provide quality service to our clients while still providing the highest level of safety and care for our employees. To find out more about our services and what we do, give us a call at 919-740-5432.