No one wants expensive home repair bill. Many Cary homeowners prefer to have a problem in their home diagnosed before it is an urgent problem. A broken breaker panel can be a very costly repair. It requires an electrical company in Cary to come in, evaluate the damage, and replace it.Common Causes of House Fires

As the owners at AGK Electric, we have seen this happen to many homeowners. There are a few ways that we can tell an electrical breaker will need to be replaced soon.

8 signs that it is time to have a Cary electrician look at your breaker panel is:

  1. The breaker trips on a regular basis.
  2. When a certain appliance is plugged in, it trips the breaker panel.
  3. Any black spots or burned areas around the breaker panel.
  4. The breaker panel is aging or part of an older home that has not been replaced.
  5. Any burning smells coming from the breaker panel.
  6. Wires appear to be melting in the breaker panel.
  7. Lights flicker quickly, continually, or often in any area of the home.
  8. Appliances overheat quickly or often.

These are some of the most common problems that we look for in homes. Sometimes, there are more unique symptoms of the problems.

The result of these problems can be “frying” the electrical wiring in the home or frying items that are plugged-in around the home. In really bad situations, this can lead to a fire in the home. So, it is always better to have an electrician come out and review the breaker panel instead of ignoring it. Our electrician team at AGK Electric would be honored to come out and review your home’s electrical system if any of these problems are occurring. Contact us now and set up a time for a visit!