Often times, when setting up a business, people may turn to the same electrician who takes care of their Raleigh home. Commercial, industrial and residential electrical systems are very different.  It is important to choose an electrician in Cary who is trained and has experience in the area of the project.Industrial Electrician

AGK Electric has a lot of experience in both commercial, industrial and residential electrical setups and can handle any problems that may arise.

3 key difference between commercial and industrial versus residential electrical systems are:

  1. Wiring:  Residential wiring is covered with sheath insulation.  The insulation is used to protect residents from shocks.  Commercial wiring often has a higher level of
    insulation, known as TTHT (Thermoplastic, high-heat resistant, nylon coated).
    This helps to protect the electrical wiring from corrosive gases and liquids.
  2. Voltage: Most residential wiring generally is single phase and 120 Volts, three wires; positive, negative, and neutral.  Commercial wiring uses a three-phase design, allowing much more than 120 volts running through.  For commercial purposes, this allows for greater efficiency and longer lasting equipment.
  3. Wire Exposure:  Residential wiring is normally hidden from sight behind walls or crawl spaces.  Commercial wiring is normally run through conduits or ceiling rafters where it is easily accessible to service.

When it comes to commercial electrical setup, our team at AGK Electric know our way around the wires.  We practice safety and ensure your environment will be safe for you as well. If you are trying to set up a businesses’ electrical system or will be in the future, contact our team today to receive a free consultation.