Industrial electrical work seems incredibly difficult. How can anyone even know when a problem is arising? That’s a great question!Industrial Electrical System

As the industrial electrician team at AGK Electric, we teach our clients and their employees how to identify problems. Identifying small problems could prevent a lot of larger problems down the line.

3 key things to learn and watch for in an industrial electrical system are:

  1. Know the Equipment: Learn the equipment and it’s ins and outs. The more you know about the equipment, the better off you will be. This will enable one to have a greater understanding of what the equipment normally does/ is not doing / and currently doing in an undesirable condition. That is the starting point.
  2. Power loss:There are certain times and certain things that will cause an electrical system to lose power. However, repeated loss of power or unexpected loss of power is a sign that something is wrong. If this occurs, call an industrial electrician.
  3. Watch Out for Operator Error: Industrial electrical systems are used in large businesses with numerous employees. It is important to make sure all employees are trained to use the equipment they are working on. And, on the other side, that employees are trained on what not to touch if they are not yet trained on it.

These all sound like very simple tips to protect an industrial electrical system and know if something is wrong. However, the simple things are typically where the big problems start. If your industrial business needs help with maintaining and troubleshooting its electrical system, contact us today!