Business owners have a lot on their plates from developing marketing campaigns, creating products and designing services, keeping customers happy, and more. Because they’re so busy maintaining their business and fulfilling their mission, sometimes other important matters, like commercial electrical systems, can slip through the cracks.

At AGK Electric in Cary, we’ve seen business owners in commercial locations scramble to fix costly electrical issues that ideally could have been prevented, or at least detected before they became too serious. So, we wanted to address some of the common signs of electrical problems that can occur so our local business owners can monitor any potential risks.

3 common symptoms of electrical issues in commercial businesses are:

  • Flickering lights. It might not seem like a big issue if lights flicker and dim, but ultimately they are a sign of poor connections or perhaps faulty wiring. Don’t let this problem go unaddressed for too long or major repairs could be needed in the future. Contact a licensed commercial electrician to investigate the root cause of the flickering and have it fixed early on.
  • Power outages. No matter what type of business it is, an unexpected loss of power can be detrimental to accomplishing daily tasks. No business can afford that sort of downtime, so when you start to notice frequent power losses it’s best to consult an electrician to determine the issue.
  • Hot fixtures. Appliances, machinery, or even switches can be subject to overheating from time to time, but this is usually problematic and a symptom of a larger issue. The overheating can cause wires to burn or melt, which will cause major damages to the electrical system overall. Contact an electrician to have the issue diagnosed and repaired before major damage occurs.

Business owners have a lot to keep up with, and the health of their commercial electrical system should not be pushed aside. Consult with our commercial electricians at AGK Electric to keep your business energy efficient and operating properly!