The winter months can put a lot of strain on a home’s electrical system. In the cold winter months, the heating unit is running constantly. So, when additional items are added to the system, it can become overloaded very quickly.Winter Electrical Problems

Our team at AGK Electric would love to help prevent an accident that requires a Cary electrician to fix it. So, take a look at our tips on how to prevent issues this winter.

3 ways to avoid common winter electrical problems in a Cary home are:

  1. Don’t Overload: With the electric system being used much more frequently in the winter, it is important to remember the capacity. If you love to put up a lot of outdoor decorations for Christmas, it could overload the electrical system.
  2. Watch Out for Heaters: If it is chilly inside the home, turn the thermostat up a few degrees instead of plugging in a space heater. Many families use space heaters because they think it will save them money on their electric bill which is not true. Also, many home fires are caused by space heaters. They aren’t worth the risk unless the heat has gone out in the home.
  3. Evaluate Usage: Sometimes, homes are using more electricity than a homeowner could expect. In those times, it is much more cost effective to have an electrician review the usage. That electrician should suggest an upgrade to the system in order to manage usage. The alternative to having the system review could be the system breaking due to over usage.

If you know you are a family that loves it to feel like summer inside your home during the winter months, it is a good idea to have an electrician come out to evaluate usage. Our team at AGK Electric would be honored to be able to do that for your home and family. Contact our team today and let’s set up a time to review your usage.